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August 09, 2018 2 min read

Start Your Day With Cannabis and Coffee Together

For many people, cannabis and coffee is undeniably an pleasurable combination. While it is science to find out how these two substances complement one another, the perkiness of coffee and the powerful flavor of smoking can often blend into something sensation. Finding the right amount and consumption style can help you balance between chill, creativity and productivity throughout your day.

Here are few tips to Start Your Day With Cannabis and Coffee Together:

Experiment with Hybrid


Pairing hybrid strain with coffee is always a good start. While marijuana is sedative and stimulant, the variations between indica and sativa can be immense. Hybrids can give “balanced” effects that can give you enough energy and enhanced creativity from the sativa, and the calming from the indica is counterbalanced by the caffeine. Pair your coffee with a strain that gives you the favorable cannabis effects based on your personal chemistry.

biscotti-strain (Image Source) Biscotti strain has sweet aromatics with a mellow and mood elevating high, balancing out the potent from the coffee and giving you a unique flavor experience.

Espresso Yourself!

Although espresso can have higher concentration of caffeine per ounce, most people consume espresso one to two shots  a time, which will have less caffeine than an average eight-ounce mug of joe. Start off with one shot of espresso and a little bit of hybrid marijuana to get an uplifting high and a creative mindset. With espresso being stronger in each sip, it is more effective to manage your dosage. Remember too much coffee can do more harm than beneficial.

Craft a Morning Routine

Crafting a morning routine is a personal thing. While I like starting my morning with meditation, a quick set of workout, a few hits of marijuana with a shot of espresso, a planned morning routine can set a good vibe of your day. Allocate this time (two hours maximum) towards yourself, let this ritual get you into the right mindset. So when incorporating smoking and coffee into your morning ritual, you will be able to synthesize your daily goals and start the day on your enhanced mental state. Your morning routine can evolve or change, but it’s best to start small activities that resonate with you the most. Do them every morning immediately after you wake up for the next 4 weeks.

Stay Chill

Instead of inhaling your smoke like a freight train, take your hit slowly and gradually just as the same way you go with your espresso.


Alternative Approaches

A coffee and smoke session can be a perfect moment when you have found the morning routine that works for you. If you can get as high as a kite, your creativity and efficiency can also be boundless. While some might smoke a few hit from a pipe to give their day a little boost, some might vape indica throughout the day need to maintain patience toward clients or coworkers. However, try finding yourself with an effective combination and unleash your full potential and productivity.

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Allen Green
Allen Green

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